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  • Product Name: Cargo Lashing 05
  • Product No: HRL5050A-BSC
  • Add Time: 2012-06-21
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With BSC type ratchet
·Meet all requirements of EN-12195-2.
·The locking mechanism foe load transport extra security.
·Various end fittings are available to suit specific lashing needs.
·Two functions on one ratchet
-Fast releasing function, the same release as tradional ratchet.
-BSC-function, belt-slip-control, releasing the pre-tension step by step, to ensure stability of the load prior to final release.
Fr example, 10 pieces lashing straps are used to secure the load on a truck. At the destination, the first 8 or 9 pieces lashing straps should be released by the fast release function of our BSC ratchet, just as the traditional ratchet, without any problem.The last 1 or 2 pieces lashing straps should be released by the BSC-function (step-by-step release), in order to avoid any risk of accident.

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