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  • Product Name: Lever Hoist
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  • Add Time: 2012-06-21
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Lever Hoist
The HILIFT lever block i svery efficent and handy material handing equipment of all-purpose. Specially designed for strencheng, holding and pulling at any angles,both horizontal and oblique in any locations.
Having a series of safe working load from 0.25 ton to 6 ton, HILIFTlever block is widely used in all industrial field, such as tying heavy loads for transportation industry,strenching steel frames for the steel construction, fitting works of the oil and shipping industries, plumbiong, machinery mover, utility,civil engineering and large-scale plants. So this is a lever block just for everyone's needs.


Rugged steel body construction
Short 360°rotation handle and low handle effort
Very effcient and handy material handing
Light weight,compact and portable
Easy free chain pull
Impact resistant
Latch-type swivel hooks
High-tension alloy chain
Hook opening before chain break


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